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Do you want to play?
"Is not an unwritten book like an imaginary playmate?" -- Julian Jaynes, The Julian Jaynes Collection (One of the books i bought with my MR advance.)

I wrote the beginning of a novel a little over a year ago and promptly put it away.  I wasn't interested in writing another novel.  Recently i fished it out and typed it up.  Maybe.

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It sounds like your interested in writing another novel again. :) Good deal!

We'll see. What about you?

Back in October of 2012 something switched went off inside my head and I lost complete interest in fiction. I still have ideas for stories, but have no desire to write them. Haven't even read any fiction at all since then. If I ever write again it'll probably be mainstream, like Fight Club or something. SF became so rigid in its rules that I couldn't find anything I wanted to read. I'm still find it amazing I got several of my wacky stuff published. :)

I finished my last novella in 2013. I think i've written one short story since, but like you, i lost interest in fiction. If i do pick up this novel idea, it will be another reversal. I've been working on a sort of memoir/historical thing, never really got off the ground, but i haven't completely given up on it.

Have you been staying busy with music?

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