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Maya, Resurrected is here!

You can order from createspace here: https://www.createspace.com/6009734

Enter the code: 9HW5GHYR to save 25% off the cover price of $9.95


For those who prefer ebooks: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/608946

Use coupon code: EH68G to save 25% off the eBook price of $4.95

Both of these discounts are good through 1/31/16.

Maya, Resurrected will also be available on Amazon and other on-line retailers.  You can bet i'll let you know when.

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I have a couple of other things waiting for a $35 total
to get the free shipping...


(Should be on Amazon by Friday)

It had the same cover picture, so I ordered it.
Scheduled to arrive next week sometime.

I think you are the first. Thank you very kindly. :)

I ~should~ be the first.
There would be something terribly wrong if I were not the first.

You are so sweet. I mean that!

With the friends I have,
could I be anything less?

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